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Tiffany Jones- Guillory, Stylist and Co- owner
Style and beauty has been a part of Tiffany’s life, since she was a young girl in High School. Her passion for Beauty has kept her in the business for more than 20 years.  She has been the Master Stylist and Co- Owner of The Beauty Bar for more than 7 years. Tiffany is also the Styling Manager of the salon. Her goal is to individually train each stylist to their full capability. The art of Hair is truly her passion!

Chasity Jones- Christian, Makeup Artist, Brow Expert, and Co-owner
The art of facial beauty has always been a passion of Chasity, since she was in middle school. She has been in the professional industry for over 7 years, when she became Co-owner of The Beauty Bar. She specializes in Makeup, Facial Waxing, and Microblading. She is also the Operation Manger of the Salon. Her goal is to insure the up most professional experience a client will receive at The Beauty Bar.

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